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Deepfake Detections on the Frontlines

Detecting Deepfakes Since 2021

Reality Defender provides best-in-class detection against advanced threats posed by deepfakes and AI-generated disinformation. Our industry-leading solutions for enterprises, government, and institutional clients help protect against everything from advanced voice fraud in call centers to media verification in newsrooms.

With repeated successes in combating financial fraud and defending governments, our clients trust Reality Defender to help detect deepfake-driven threats.

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Advancing Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

Powered By Purpose

Reality Defender is not just a company. We are a dedicated collective working to combat the most pressing digital threats in the modern era.

Championing Innovation

Detecting deepfakes at the highest level requires out-of-the-box thinking only our team can manage.

A Collaborative Spirit

We approach deepfakes with the mindset and thinking of a research lab, to combat the constantly evolving challenges of ever-advancing artificial intelligence.

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Our Culture

The Reality Defender team is driven by a shared purpose: to combat the urgent AI-generated threats of today and tomorrow. Born from non-profit roots focused on AI for good, our team brings boundless expertise across deep tech industries to build the most comprehensive and best-in-class deepfake detection platform.

Our blend of individual brilliance and collectivism enables groundbreaking and innovative new solutions and tools to help the most important entities protect millions from the ever-present deepfake problem.


Ratio of technical to non-technical team members

Meet the Team
Ben Colman

Co-Founder & CEO

Ali Shahriyari

Co-Founder & CTO

Gaurav Bharaj

Co-Founder & Head of AI

Milos Fulton

Vice President of Finance & Operations

Diana Hsieh

Head of Product

Mason Allen

Head of Growth

Scott Steinhardt

Head of Communications

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