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Oct 17, 2023

The Future of Reality Defender

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This past year brought upon the era of Generative AI Everything, when even the most tech illiterate folks now know what AI is beyond Siri or HAL 9000. While most of the world was suddenly caught off guard and delved in denial of the manifold highs and lows Generative AI had to offer, we as research-minded individuals expected such events to occur and on a massive, world-changing scale. This allowed the Reality Defender team to create, iterate, improve, and update our platform to not only adjust to the tens of thousands of new Generative AI creation models and techniques, but to model for those to come.

Also in this last year were the many governments, major financial institutions, centuries-old media conglomerates, and anti-disinformation organizations adopting Reality Defender to fight back against bad actors and state-sponsored attackers. We’ve provided our clients and partners a wealth of tools to not only proactively stop deepfakes and AI-generated media, but new types of content permeating throughout the open web. This subsequently led Reality Defender to become the most trusted name in deepfake detection, known for a multi-model and multimedia approach that protects beyond comparison.

The Future is Real

Today, we are proud to announce our raising of Series A funding to further cement our place as the premier cybersecurity solution for detecting AI-generated media. Our partners at DCVC (along with champions at Comcast, ex/ante, Partnership Fund for New York City, Rackhouse Venture Capital, and Nat Friedman’s AI Grant) not only believe in Reality Defender’s award-winning detection platform and its storied body of work. They see us as the crucial first line of defense as the world experiences unchecked distribution and unprecedented growth of rampant AI-triggered disinformation. We see them as a collective of individuals who believe in our mission.

In this past year of extraordinary AI growth, Reality Defender has added likeminded individuals who share our vision in stopping dangerous disinformation. Some of us personally experienced the damages that disinformation can do to loved ones. Others have witnessed technologies in the lab that should not be deployed to the outside world yet are now readily available for free. All of us believe that, beyond the scope of a company, it is our civic duty to do everything and anything we can and help prevent the absolute worst-case scenarios caused by Generative AI. 

With the help of our new partners, we can now add more passionate protectors to our ranks, all with the goal of creating the best barriers against the worst AI has to offer.

A Glimpse of the Future, Today

To achieve our vision of a best-in-class and robust detection platform, our team will continue to build every invaluable tool necessary in the detection and deflection of AI-generated media. Starting today, this approach includes Explainable AI, now available on our web application to all clients. its web application platform.

Available initially with Text Detection, this groundbreaking feature offers an intuitive approach to analysis of each individual file scanned by presenting users with color-coded paragraphs highlighting AI-generated text. This visual representation ensures a more transparent and understandable experience, cluing users into where our models have detected likely generated and/or manipulated text. Explainable AI for audio, video, and image detection will roll out in the coming months, cementing our commitment to user-centric and accountable AI detection models. 

Also available today is our launch of an innovative real-time voice deepfake detection model. Initially available to a select group of clients, this cutting-edge feature is particularly beneficial for call centers and dedicated anti-fraud teams, equipping them with the ability to instantaneously detect any manipulated or fabricated voices during real-time interactions. With this new detection method, we're placing a powerful tool in the hands of those on the frontlines against digital deception, ensuring that truth and authenticity remain at the core of all communications.

In an era where advancements in AI make it impossible for any one person to differentiate between reality from fabrication, we stand as a beacon of hope against the tide of AI-driven disinformation. The Reality Defender team and its partners are not only committed to identifying and nullifying these threats, but to proactively ensure they don't erode the pillars of trust and democracy. As we navigate this ever-evolving challenge, our goal remains steadfast: to ensure that truth and authenticity remain unassailable, shining brightly even in the face of sophisticated digital deceit.

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