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May 20, 2024

Reality Defender Named an Emerging Innovator by Booz Allen Hamilton

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We at Reality Defender are honored to announce Booz Allen Hamilton's recognition of our company as Emerging Innovators in the field of multimodal AI. As detailed in the firm’s latest report, "Top 10 Emerging Technologies for the DOD and National Security,” Booz Allen Hamilton recognizes our team’s cutting-edge work in combatting the growing threat of AI-generated disinformation.

As per the report, Booz Allen Hamilton highlights the increasing importance of multimodal AI in developing trusted, high-performance AI models that can distill and utilize information from multiple data types. The report emphasizes the critical role multimodal AI will play in various defense use cases — particularly in detecting deepfakes and countering adversarial information warfare campaigns.

Reality Defender's award-winning multimodal and multi-model deepfake detection platform aligns perfectly with this vision. Our platform and API leverages multiple concurrent detection models and methods to identify AI-generated content across audio, video, images, and text. By applying simultaneous detection methods for every scan, our platform provides a robust first line of defense against sophisticated AI-powered fraud attacks and disinformation campaigns.

The report also noted Reality Defender's traction in the government sector, underscoring the growing demand for our innovative solutions within the national security community. As the threat of deepfakes continues to evolve, we remain committed to regularly upgrading and improving our detection models to proactively protect against current and future existential risks, providing top-level protection for governments who, in turn, seek protecting citizens from the worst generative AI has to offer.

Our recognition as an Emerging Innovator by Booz Allen Hamilton validates our team's extensive work on the ever-growing deepfake problem. We are proud to be at the forefront of this fight and to contribute to the development of trusted AI systems for national security, while paving the way for solutions to safeguard the integrity of information in an increasingly complex digital landscape.

As we move forward, Reality Defender will continue to push the boundaries of multimodal and multi-model deepfake detection, working closely with our partners in government and industry to safeguard the integrity of truth and maintain public trust in an increasingly complex digital landscape.

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