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Jan 26, 2023

Reality Defender Featured in TAG Cyber’s Security Annual

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TAG Cyber, a leading provider of cybersecurity research and analysis, recently featured Reality Defender in its latest Security Annual quarterly publication. The current issue focuses on deepfakes and their impact on various industries and sectors, all while highlighting Reality Defender as a company working tirelessly to detect deepfakes before they become an issue for government, enterprise, and consumer-focused clients.

Deepfakes, highly realistic and manipulated audio, images, and videos, are becoming increasingly prevalent and sophisticated, while making it harder for individuals and organizations to detect them as the methods used to create them become more sophisticated. This is especially concerning in industries such as finance, politics, and media, where deepfakes can be used to spread misinformation and cause harm quickly and on a massive scale.

At Reality Defender, we use cutting-edge technology to detect and flag deepfakes in real-time. Our proprietary algorithm is able to detect subtle differences in facial expressions, body language, and other visual cues that are often missed by traditional deepfake detection methods, while blending methods together to use an ensemble of deepfake detection algorithms concurrently. This allows the Reality Defender to quickly and accurately identify deepfakes, preventing them from causing any harm in the first place.

Reality Defender's innovative approach to deepfake detection has caught the attention of many industry leaders, including TAG Cyber. The company's inclusion in the publication is a testament to its commitment to fighting deepfakes and helping clients protect themselves from their damaging effects.

Read TAG Cyber’s latest edition of Security Annual by clicking below, and get in touch to learn more about Reality Defender’s approach to fighting the scourge of deepfakes and generative content used to disrupt and deceive.

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