Mar 6, 2023

Reality Defender Heads to Texas for SXSW

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Reality Defender is thrilled to be part of the 2023 South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference’s Innovation Awards and SXSW Pitch competition. Starting March 9th, our team will be live in Austin, Texas to showcase our innovative AI-powered deepfake detection solutions.

The SXSW Innovation Awards recognize creative developments in technology, with finalists exhibiting their projects at the Finalist Showcase during the event. The 15th annual SXSW Pitch will showcase advancements in various emerging technology sectors, with a live audience and panel of expert judges evaluating 40 interactive technology companies in eight categories.

"We're excited to be part of SXSW and to have the opportunity to showcase our vision for the future of deepfake detection," said Ben Colman, CEO and Co-Founder of Reality Defender. "We believe our platform has the potential to revolutionize the way that we detect and combat the threat of deepfakes, and we're looking forward to sharing our capabilities with the attendees at SXSW."

As the leading provider of deepfake detection solutions, Reality Defender takes proactive measures to prevent deepfake problems before they arise. Our proprietary deepfake and generative content fingerprinting technology provides comprehensive scanning, actionable results, and detailed reporting for video, audio, document, and image deepfake detection. Our detection suite incorporates the latest and theoretical models, leveraging the minds of the world's leading AI research teams. By combining current and future technologies, we offer clients continuous security to stay ahead of the curve of all deepfake methods used by criminals and bad actors.

For those interested in meeting Reality Defender's team in person, we are offering the opportunity to schedule a meeting during the event. Those interested can contact the company directly to schedule a meeting, or stop by the Reality Defender booth for a demo, a game of Deepfake Bingo, and free giveaways.

Reality Defender's participation in the Innovation Awards and Pitch competition is a testament to our innovative approach to detecting dangerous deepfaked materials. The event provides an excellent opportunity for the company to showcase its technology, network with industry peers, and connect with potential customers and partners. Attendees are encouraged to stop by Reality Defender's booth to learn more about the company's innovative AI-powered solution for detecting deepfakes.

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