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Mar 4, 2024

A Reality Defender for the Future

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We are barely into the year, and, as expected, advancements in AI have unsurprisingly increased at a faster clip. Deepfakes are still sowing discord. AI-generated disinformation is regularly disrupting the flow of factual information in dangerous new ways.

At the same time, Reality Defender's work with enterprises, governments, and institutions is still keeping pace, if not outpacing the many maladies impacting the internet (and beyond). We recognized the profound implications of deepfakes and generative AI on society, democracy, and the very fabric of our shared reality years before they made the impacts you see today. We understand that the battle against deepfakes requires a layered approach, with a combination of our leading deepfake detection technology, expert-led insights, and a bevy of data.

As we work to continuously upgrade, update, iterate, and improve our platform, we opted to alter our surroundings, in a sense. This meant reshaping our identity into one that reflects the future we want to see: a world with boundless possibility, optimism, and hope. One eschewing darkness in favor of light, color where color once did not exist, and technological flourishes that exude progress, not more of the same.

This new view of Reality Defender better embodies the core values that have guided us from the start: existing as a company powered by purpose, championing innovation, and continuously collaborating, all to solve the most pressing issues in recent history.

As we embrace this new chapter, we remain focused on expanding our capabilities and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of deepfake detection. We will continue to actively forge partnerships with key stakeholders across various industries to ensure that our technology is accessible to those who need it most. By collaborating with the largest entities in the most important sectors on the planet, we aim to create a safer and more trustworthy digital environment for all.

Our refreshed identity is more than just a cosmetic change; it is a reflection of our deepened resolve to confront the near-infinite challenges posed by deepfakes head-on. As we move forward, we invite you to join us in this critical endeavor, working together towards a future where truth prevails and the integrity of information is protected. Because only together can we move forward to a world where the foundations of trust can exist freely, building towards a time when the defense of reality becomes a cornerstone of our society.

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