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Jun 20, 2024

Tracking Deepfakes With Reality Defender's Deepfake News Center

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Over the past year-plus, Reality Defender has kept a thorough accounting of all major and minor reported incidents of dangerous deepfakes, AI safety incidents, and related generative AI security concerns. This comprehensive repository, once a modest Google Sheet updated multiple times daily, served as an exclusive resource for journalists, industry experts, and partners committed to raising awareness and fostering collaborations aimed at mitigating the risks posed by malicious AI-generated content.

In recognition of Reality Defender's mission in detecting AI-generated content and helping solve the myriad of problems they bring, we have now made this repository accessible to all.

A News Center for Deepfakes

The Deepfake News Center is updated manually by our team several times a day, every day. It is decidedly not up-to-the-minute reporting on the latest breaking deepfake stories, but a cataloging of recently published news stories (within the last 12 to 24 hours) related to deepfake news and generative threats of varying significance.

In essence, it is a way to avoid the loss of such incidents and threats from falling down a "memory hole" of sorts, while allowing all who browse to see the ever-evolving timeline of one of the greatest threats to truth and trust in our time. Simply open it, bookmark it, and return to it throughout the week to see the latest news related to deepfakes and generative AI.

This news center is also a testament to the hard work of journalists in the coverage of deepfakes and weaponized AI-generated content. The sheer amount of noise on social media and parts around have made it all but impossible to follow deepfake developments and sort fact from fiction. Yet in the world of traditional media, those covering deepfakes in newsrooms around the world have kept remarkable pace covering the rapid developments and growth of generative AI — along with their misuse and abuse. Thus, sharing their work while centralizing it for their own research purposes has been and will continue to be one of the primary reasons as to why this project exists.

Why We Made the Deepfake News Center Public

Our commitment as a company lies in working with governments, enterprises, and institutions to take preventative measures against deepfakes and AI-generated content that will underpin a safer future for all internet users. Yet our motivation behind this public release is grounded in the belief that transparency, combined with collaborative endeavors, can be instrumental in addressing the challenges posed by deepfakes and weaponized generative AI as a whole. By surfacing information and news related to deepfakes and generative AI — as well as the near-endless stories of abuse, disinformation, and technology gone rogue — we can not only inform the masses of the ways and methods deepfakes are impacting the world on a macro and micro scale, but also help inform shape the work in adjacent spaces against the common threat of weaponized and misused AI.

We invite educators, researchers, policymakers, and anyone interested in safeguarding digital integrity and trust to use the Deepfake News Center and join our collective effort. We are confident that this initiative will enhance the collective ability to understand and respond to deepfake threats at all levels, paving the way for a more informed public discourse and ultimately leading to stronger defenses against digital manipulation.

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