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Nov 16, 2023

Protecting Media in the Era of Deepfakes

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The rise of AI-generated content and sophisticated deepfakes is changing the 21st-century media landscape, forcing the industry to respond and evolve faster than ever before. As synthetic celebrities peddle questionable products on social media, and deepfake anchors report fictional news stories that receive more views than actual reporting, the adoption of real-time deepfake detection measures has become crucial in stemming the flow of disinformation and fraud. 

Reality Defender’s all-encompassing approach to deepfake detection provides essential real-time tools that can be easily adopted by media outlets and platforms worldwide. Our state-of-the-art technology analyzes text, images, audio, and video content effortlessly, concurrently, and at unfathomable scales, all while providing detailed reporting and actionable results. These results empower the most trusted media brands today in rooting out deepfakes, identifying AI-generated content, and maintaining integrity in a tumultuous time for facts.

In partnership with Reality Defender and in using our platform, newsgathering teams can now verify media presented in news stories is real and not synthetically created before stories break. Journalists vet their sources to ensure their reporting is built on a solid foundation. Editors integrate deepfake detection into editorial workflows side-by-side with established fact-checking methods, adding layers of authentication without additional time or effort. The reputations of public figures, experts, and journalists are thus protected by ensuring the veracity of statements, quotes, and interviews. Reality Defender’s applications in journalism, media, and beyond are near-infinite to the point where influential anchors, prominent journalists, and public intellectuals can be and have been shielded from attempts to have their speech cloned by malicious actors to manipulate the public.

Day One Detection

With Reality Defender’s suite of detection tools, media platforms can continue to build and maintain credibility and engagement by ensuring that audiences can trust that all AI-generated content has been properly considered and labeled. As the line between fact and fiction is stretched thinner by AI-enhanced disinformation, we stand ready to work with media platforms to reinforce their existing measures and protect the public. These precautions are urgently needed as we head into the 2024 election year, when the flow of information is bound to have a real-time impact on real-world events as citizens head into the voting booths, and as deepfakes pose a grave challenge to the integrity of American democracy.

Our engineers continue to advance our flagship suite with new and upgraded detection models to ensure we can help clients and partners face the challenges of today and prevent the ever-advancing disasters of tomorrow. Turn-key implementation guarantees that platforms can begin verifying content within hours, not weeks. While our web detection methods can be used on day one, our API can be easily and quickly integrated into existing workflows to validate a client’s entire content pipeline. Both methods of accessing Reality Defender are incredibly user-friendly, offering an easy interface and detection results within seconds. At the same time, also benefit from immediate access to real-time risk scoring, email review, and forensics reports for any multimedia content. 

In a world fiercely divided and increasingly distrustful of the news, journalists and media professionals will depend more than ever on news verification — something still thought of as a nigh-impossible task as AI-generated media becomes more advanced and more prevalent. Reality Defender is proud to offer the most advanced and hyper-accurate tools and expertise capable in aiding this mission and doing our part in helping provide the truth at a time when AI-assisted disinformation runs rampant. We are not simply doing this as a business, but a purpose-driven collective focused on providing truth when such a concept seems increasingly ill-defined.

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