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Jun 13, 2023

Our Stand Against Deepfake Pornography

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The advent of deepfake technology has further complicated the boundary between what is real and what is fabricated. While there are numerous potential positive applications for this technology, one of the unfortunate realities we’ve witnessed grow at an exponential rate is its malicious misuse in creating non-consensual deepfake pornography, a reprehensible act that undermines the privacy, dignity, and mental wellbeing of unsuspecting individuals. 

The creation and propagation of deepfaked pornography has accelerated at an alarming rate. In 2019, 96% of deepfakes were pornographic, and 90 to 95 percent of deepfakes were non-consensual. Since then, with the recent AI boom and the large-scale societal adoption of AI-generated content creation tools — many of which are open source — creating, posting, and hosting deepfaked pornography has only skyrocketed. Victims can now see their likenesses used in deepfaked pornographic materials on major websites, which overwhelmingly do not implement proactive deepfake detection tools to prevent the posting and spread of this content.

At Reality Defender, we believe there can be no compromise when it comes to combating this total violation of basic human rights and privacy. Our company was born from a commitment to preserve truth in a post-truth era. The technologies devised, the algorithms developed, and the expertise curated are all dedicated to sifting through the chaff of digital deception to uncover reality. When it comes to the misuse of deepfakes in pornographic contexts without consent, this commitment is not just unwavering — it is fiercely proactive.

No individual should become a victim of non-consensual deepfake pornography. It is a gross invasion of privacy, a reprehensible exploitation of personal identity, and an unacceptable manifestation of digital malfeasance. This is why our commitment at Reality Defender extends beyond mere detection. We strive to work with industry partners to actively prevent this malicious misuse of technology before it can cause harm.

Over the years, Reality Defender has fostered a community of seasoned researchers who constantly push the boundaries of deepfake detection. With a resolute will to combat non-consensual deepfake pornography, our research partners are not only sharpening their toolsets, but they are also actively sharing their expertise to empower others in the fight against this misuse. By working with external entities, the braintrust and tools developed within Reality Defender and beyond can be leveraged for broader benefit.

There is a heartfelt belief in the power of collaboration to combat this issue. We openly invite non-profit and anti-abuse organizations that are fighting non-consensual deepfake pornography to work with Reality Defender. Together, we can pool resources, share insights, and make a concerted effort to put an end to this issue, once and for all.

Reality Defender is prepared to provide these organizations with the necessary technological assistance to track and flag deepfake pornography. The goal is to make the tools and braintrust as accessible as possible, to ensure that all who wish to fight this violation have the capacity to do so.

We see this as the beginning of an ongoing effort to further the dialogue on this subject, to educate, inform, and raise awareness. Recognizing that the fight against deepfake pornography is not just a technological one, it also involves societal change. It is a fight that requires everyone's participation — from tech companies like Reality Defender, non-profits, governments, to every person.

The fight against non-consensual deepfake pornography is one that demands dedication and collaboration. As the leader of Reality Defender, the message is clear: the battle is far from over, but with shared commitment, the right tools, and collective action, it is one that can be won.

If you are interested in partnering with Reality Defender on combatting non-consensual deepfake pornography, please reach out to us at

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