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Sep 5, 2023

Introducing Text Detection

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Since 2021, Reality Defender has served as the go-to solution for enterprises, platforms, and governments in their efforts to detect deepfakes and AI-generated content. In two-plus years, we helped hundreds of clients detect millions of audio, video, and image-based deepfakes, assisting in fights against fraud and state-sponsored disinformation.

Today, we are proud to introduce Text Detection, the most significant update to the Reality Defender platform since our inception.

Text Detection

Text Detection, Perfected

AI-generated text is not entirely new, but in less than a year, it became wildly popular, infinitely easier to generate, and more prevalent across the internet (and beyond). As closed- and open-source large language models (LLMs) appear on a near-regular basis, so too are the near-infinite problems associated with discerning between real text and AI-generated outputs. 

Text Detection is something our team tirelessly worked on since late last year, all while witnessing stopgap solutions appear in the wild. (Some of these were even launched by LLM creators as interim detection methods.) Instead of simply introducing a solution to the problem at the time, we opted to create a comprehensive, best-in-class, and future-forward Text Detection system mirroring the quality work Reality Defender is known for across audio and visual mediums.

This does not simply mean hyper-accurate detection. It means detection across practically every conceivable LLM in existence — open or closed source, brand name or otherwise. It means detecting AI-generated text with as few as 200 characters. It means working with the same easy-to-implement API our clients use to scan media, allowing them to start detecting generated English language text on launch day today.

Simply put, it just works.

As we start the school year, see an election cycle ramp up, and round out the third quarter, millions will continue to find themselves fighting what feels like a Sisyphean battle against AI-generated text. With Reality Defender’s Text Detection, we can end that battle today.

-Ben Colman, Co-Founder and CEO, Reality Defender

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