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Sep 28, 2023

Everyone Deserves Protection Against Deepfakes

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Reality Defender works with and safeguards some of the largest organizations and governments in existence. This has been our approach since day one. By supplying the most well-known entities, providers, and platforms with our technology, our clients can then shield billions from the innumerable and oft-incalculable harms caused by AI-driven disinformation.

Much of the damage that gets discussed — both theoretical and very real — is that involving global elections and politics. If convincing materials can sway the opinions of the public or public officials, the resulting consequences could destabilize governments and create unfathomable chaos.

Yet the damage dealt by dangerous deepfakes on the individual level is growing, as is exposure risk. Destabilization of world order is always top of mind for us and our partners, but the disruption and intrusions individuals increasingly witness in their own lives from weaponized AI-generated media is just as significant.

The average person is admittedly less concerned with matters related to state-sponsored deepfake attacks and more focused on preventing personal intrusions and exploitations. We’ve seen scattered instances of these hyper-personal attacks ramp up in recent months, as now anyone with little technological knowhow, a few dollars, and a small sample size of media can carry out the most sophisticated abuses of personal privacy we’ve ever witnessed.

Reality Defender exists to combat these abuses. It is part of our mission to systematically and proactively prevent damage done by deepfakes and AI-generated media. By partnering with key organizations, we aim to help solve these growing issues at the individual level by working at the top. As deepfake detection is not for the individual, providing key agencies and entities our solutions can, will, and did help prevent future attacks of this sort from occurring or creating irreversible damages.

We do not catch and capture every single instance of a deepfake in existence (yet). That said, by working with partners in the anti-abuse space — be it on the governmental and/or non-profit level — while also partnering with the largest entities in finance, media, and technology, we can help stop advanced abuses well before they hit home. After all, we want the exact same protections for everyone that we would want for our families, friends, and loved ones.

There is always more work to be done, whether it’s adding detection models and improving existing ones, or bespoke work with agencies and companies to prevent new, sophisticated methods of deepfake-led attacks. Whether tackling global challenges or addressing matters on a personal level, Reality Defender is committed to solving this issue for all.

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