Mar 21, 2023

Deepfake Legislation, RD X RANE, and Wonder Woman

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As the banking world faces solvency issues and uncertainty, bank fraud departments are dealing with a different issue: voice deepfakes.

Though voice deepfakes are not new, and the first fraud cases involving them date back a couple of years, their rise in accessibility and prevalence are making it harder for even the largest banks in the world to know who they're really talking to. Bad actors are impersonating bank clients to transfer millions at a time, easily bypassing fraud checks with off-the-shelf software.

We at Reality Defender are fortunate to work with our bank clients in providing our future-proof voice deepfake detection. This not only bolsters a company's existing anti-fraud measures; it also ensures customers never lose a cent from bad actors using even the most advanced voice deepfaking methods.

- Ben Colman, Co-Founder/CEO
Reality Defender

A Bill Against Dangerous Deepfakes

The state of Washington is looking to pass the first law against harmful use of deepfakes in the United States. The State Senate is mulling the ban of deepfakes used in political advertisements, as well as any punishments for those who don't adhere to the law. ABC News has the full story.

Reality Defender X RANE

RANE Insight Series

Reality Defender CEO Ben Colman recently joined David Lawrence, founder of RANE, on their latest episode of RANE Insights.

Listen to their discussion on the ever-evolving landscape of deepfake technology, its creation, and the potential implications it holds for businesses and individuals alike.


How a Tier One Social Media Company Rooted Out Fake Users With Reality Defender

In an attempt to root out fake and “bot” users, a tier one social media platform partnered with Reality Defender to analyze profile images and see how far bad actors and scammers went in their attempts to defraud and deceive users.

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"Deepfake" of the Week

Wonder Woman Deepfake

The recently-released Shazam 2 features a cameo of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Twitter users believed it was actually a deepfake of Gadot. We (and Director David F. Sandberg) can confirm it is genuine.

More News

  • Approximately $11 Million was stolen last year in an audio deepfake-driven scam ring. (Ars Technica
  • YouTuber Valkyrae, recently the target of deepfake pornography, is now seeing her users become targets with the same abusive content. (Dexerto)
  • Students at a school in New York uploaded a deepfake of their principal's (non-existent) racist rant. (The Washington Post)
  • The FTC released their latest report on the growing issues with deepfakes. (FTC)

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