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Aug 24, 2023

Deepfake Detection Starts at the Top

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At Reality Defender, we often receive emails from concerned citizens and users looking to validate a single media file. We reply to these emails, speaking with each sender and providing detailed results from our platform. It is our way to genuinely help someone in our free time while simultaneously learning more about instances and usage of deepfakes in the wild. 

At the same time, Reality Defender is not for consumers, nor do we at Reality Defender believe such consumer-level services should exist.

Why Detection Starts at the Top 

Our team is currently working with the largest enterprises, governments, platforms, and industry organizations to help proactively detect deepfakes across a near-infinite number of use cases. The Reality Defender Platform (via our API and assistive Web App) can do this at a scale that securely scans and detects petabytes of data in a matter of seconds or in real time. No personal identifying information is ever shared with our team or system, meaning we can never see what’s scanned, nor do we retain any files after they’re scanned. 

We work with these partners because the responsibility of deepfake detection lies with them, not ordinary citizens. If some had access to deepfake detection while others did not, this would create an unequal world where only certain individuals retain the privilege of truth. Our mission is to end deepfake-driven and AI-generated disinformation for all, not some. By partnering with gatekeepers, leading platforms, and those controlling the firehoses of user-posted and user-generated content, we can proactively flag and/or remove this content before it gets in front of a single person.

Deepfake detection begins with these entities. By using Reality Defender, they can ensure users, consumers, and citizens are never subjected to advanced disinformation campaigns led by bad actors and attackers. This not only negates the need for individuals to detect deepfakes on their own; it creates an equal world where all are privy to the truth.

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