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Jul 24, 2022

Defending Reality from Today’s Technological Fictions

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Truth has always been at risk.

From the early days of yellow journalism and propaganda to our current state of duplicitous online media, finding fact from fiction has never been more complicated. With the advent of convincing falsified media, or “deepfakes,” determining what’s real from what’s not can no longer be done by humans with some degree of success.

This is why we created Reality Defender.

The Growing Deepfake Problem

Recent advancements in machine learning make it possible to create images, videos, and audio of real people saying and doing things they never said or did. The recent spread of this technology enables anyone to create highly realistic deepfakes. Though some deepfakes are detectable to the eye by experienced observers, most don’t have experience or are not always looking closely. This can allow for bad actors to distort reality, jeopardize financial transactions, personal and brand reputations, public opinion, and even national security.

Reality Defender helps companies, governments, and journalists determine the real from the fake when it comes to audio, video and image manipulation. Our API and web app provide real-time scanning, risk scoring, and PDF report cards. We developed proprietary detection and fingerprinting algorithms to not only keep up with the latest manipulation tactics, but stop future ones before they get out of hand.

Stopping Deepfakes Before They Become Your Problem

As with computer viruses, deepfakes continuously evolve to circumvent current security measures. New deepfake detection techniques must be as iterative as the generation methods. Our solution not only accepts that, but embraces it. We quickly onboard, test, and tune third-party models for integration into our model stack, where they can then be accessed via our web app and API. We work with research partners to test and tune our algorithms and APIs to iterate and improve our detection methods daily.

In the end, we have a vast trove of deepfake detection and deterrent services that not only stop deepfakes before they become a problem, but prevent future deepfake methods from becoming undetectable. For businesses constantly dealing with the spread of falsified media, governments needing to determine real decrees from fake declarations, and journalists looking to verify media sources with absolute certainty, Reality Defender provides a single source of truth. This allows participating entities to not only instantly disprove uses of falsified media, but get ahead of said media before it becomes a worsening problem.

Becoming a Reality Defender Partner

As we continue to scale our web app and our recently-launched API, we are beginning a pilot program to help pertinent parties detect deepfakes in audio, video, and photos. This helps everyone from banks and marketplaces weed out KYC onboarding fraud detection and voice fraud detection, to auto-removal of deepfake content on social media and dating platforms (as well as within news and government organizations).

We are currently testing a monthly subscription to scan a minimum of 250 media assets per month. To access a 30-day trial of Reality Defender, click the button below and start detecting deepfakes before they become a problem.

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