May 31, 2023

AI’s Extinction-Level Threat, GenAI Comes to Photoshop, Nvidia’s Big Week

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A Warning

“Mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war.”

This is the statement released yesterday by the Center for AI Safety, crafted by leading AI researchers and executives from Google DeepMind, OpenAI, Stability AI, and other notable names in artificial intelligence. It’s not one to gloss over, either, as it spells out the urgent need to protect against a Skynet-like future many AI users and commentators often joke about.

To go from the introduction of ChatGPT last November to this statement highlighting the fear of a superintelligent AI with world-ending powers shows how advanced AI has become in the last six months alone. It also shows the prevalence of conversations on AI and its innumerable impacts and implications (both present and future) in society in such a short time. Nothing illustrates this better than The New York Times running the headline A.I. Poses ‘Risk of Extinction,’ Industry Leaders Warn between a spotlight on debt ceiling talks and a feature on the 47 summer books to read. 

What does the Reality Defender team say?

Reality Defender Co-Founder and CEO Ben Colman wrote about this warning and our company’s wholehearted commitment to ethical and safe AI. Beyond combating misinformation and disinformation, our team is dedicated to creating and championing AI systems that benefit everyone, while working with everyone and anyone to eliminate any societal risks stemming from AI before they see the light of day.

You can find Ben’s post in full here.

Generative AI Comes to Photoshop

Hot off of releasing their Firefly image generation tools and a subsequent partnership with Google, Adobe is adding some AI-powered oomph to their flagship Photoshop application. Ars Technica has the details on the latest Adobe genAI advancement, while Futurism focuses on what this new tool cannot do.

We recently tried the Generative Fill feature in the latest Photoshop beta, with our Director of Marketing using it to expand his wedding photo well beyond the confines of the original frame.

Nvidia becomes a $1 Trillion Company

Nvidia is now worth over $1 Trillion (as of this writing), largely in part due to the company’s extensive work in powering the latest advancements in AI. The Financial Times dives into how the company’s H100 processors are leading the AI revolution — and surging investor interest.

ChatGPT Tanks Lawyer’s Case

Don’t use ChatGPT to write legal documents or case law, for it might “hallucinate” and make up precedents that don’t actually exist. This is the hard lesson learned by one personal injury lawyer in New York, now facing sanctions for creating a generative affidavit that fabricated non-existent court decisions.

Deepfake of the Week

The Trump campaign is responding to the newly-launched Desantis campaign with deepfakes rooted in popular culture.

More News

  • OpenAI could stop operating in the EU if it cannot fully comply with pending regulations. (The Verge)
  • The generative model you use may be steeped in “digital colonialism.” (Wired)
  • Is generative AI good enough to take the job of makeup artists? (Fast Company)
  • Google is looking to work with the EU on an “AI Pact.” (CNBC)
  • AI singers are actually pretty good now. (Vulture)
  • Meanwhile, Sony Music has mixed feelings about the musical advancements in AI. (Billboard)

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