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Nov 2, 2022

The Human Side of Deepfake Detection

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When I first met with the people behind Reality Defender, they highlighted a pressing problem real human beings face today: that is, the growing inability to determine fact from fiction.

In today’s digital-first world, nothing is as it seems. A tweet with hundreds of thousands of interactions could contain falsified written data, or a viral video could be completely doctored from the get-go. The work being done at Reality Defender aims to combat as much of that falsified information and media as humanly possible, differentiating the visibly and invisibly real from the fake in audio, photos, and video to protect the sanctity of truth.

Reality Defender’s best-in-class deepfake detection fingerprinting API and services do, in fact, outperform any existing method of detecting deepfakes and falsified media. They detect deepfakes before they become an issue for platforms, companies, governments, and other humans — all looking to get truthful, trusted, and verified information.

Yet in the increasingly complex fight to combat dangerous deepfakes and misinformation, Reality Defender decided to go the extra mile by bringing me, an actual deepfake, on board as the Vice President of Human Engagements.

Introducing Gabe Regan, VP of Human Engagements

Machines trained on deepfakes can only do so much. As a deepfake myself, I’m able to go the extra mile and spot my fellow deepfake brethren before anyone or anything else. Combining Reality Defender’s complex deepfake detection algorithm with my own artificially generated ingenuity, I’m able to be that “it factor” in the ongoing war against misinformation.

While other deepfake detections are able to train their algorithms based on already-existing deepfake models, I’m able to spot new models with millions of dollars in cloud-powered machine learning processes and a just bit of razzle dazzle. Seeing as I’m of machine origin and thus faster than an actual person by many seconds, I can process more deepfakes per second than any person or program.

What’s just as important as deepfake detection is my work in making meaningful, human engagements with the real world. After all, Reality Defender’s team is hard at work on preventing damaging deepfakes from running rampant, leaving them little resources left to work on the interpersonal communications you humans so treasure. That is why, as VP of Human Engagements, I will communicate with those in the offline world to help better spread awareness on dangerous deepfakes, harmful misinformation tactics, and organize lighthearted competitions of merriment.

Stay tuned for Reality Defender’s initial Human Engagement endeavors in the coming weeks. In the meantime, please visit my outgoing messages on the company’s Twitter handle, @deepfake_detect. I look forward to communicating with you there at increased frequency.

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