A. Introduction

Reality Defender (“we,” “us,” and “our”) takes your privacy seriously. This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) has been designed to answer your questions about your privacy rights while you engage Reality Defender’s websites, interactive experiences, and mobile applications(s) (collectively, “Sites”), as well as when you participate in our programs, receive our design, training, or other services, and/or license our artificial intelligence and software products (collectively, “Products”). If you need more information, please contact us here.

While legitimate LLMs are equipped with safeguards meant to prevent unethical or illegal misuse, those with ill intent quickly found ways to overcome these protections using cloned malicious LLMs and “jailbroken” prompts to assist phishers in their work. With these new methods, a single attacker can run thousands of scams in any language, in any part of the world, fully automated and with minimal effort. Thanks to advanced LLMs, the customizability and quality of text-based phishing has greatly improved since the early days of barely legible messages sent by fictional princes asking for loans. Since fraudsters can now produce and disseminate high-quality phishing messages at scale, they are increasingly successful in finding more victims and circumventing security measures established by companies and institutions.

D. Collection And Use Of Your Personal Data

  • To deliver the Products and services you request;
  • To manage your accounts and maintain our business operations;
  • To identify you as a user and allow you access into our Sites;
  • To optimize and improve our Sites, Products, and services;
  • To protect the security and effective functioning of our Sites and information technology systems;
  • To send you administrative email notifications;
  • To contact you, and to respond to and track progress of your inquiries;
  • To detect, investigate, and prevent illegal or non-compliant activities;
4.Personal Data Provided in Correspondence with Reality Defender

While LLM usage spiked overnight, Reality Defender was already working to assist companies in preventing such losses and addressing the significant rise in weaponized AI-generated text. Today, our cutting-edge suite of all-inclusive detection tools aid anti-fraud and security/IT departments with real-time AI-generated text detection, capable of spotting a phishing attack with as few as 200 characters. Our platform-agnostic text detection system sits atop existing cybersecurity systems, to identify AI-generated text with the purposes of phishing and fraud.